ISO quality certification

ISO quality certification

Legislative Compliance

MEYER ITALY is committed to investing appropriate resources to ensure that all parties fully comply with the requirements of various laws and regulations, without precluding any area. MEYER ITALY is fully aware that compliance with legal requirements is an essential issue for the development of its business. Reason for which, MEYER ITALY will continuously strive to invest its own resources, including to external third-party professionals, to always have full assurance and awareness of its compliance status. 

Value of employees

The company’s success is based on the strategic capabilities and technical and professional skills of its employees. The quality of our product and service is closely related to everyone’s well-being and motivation. Interpersonal relationships are marked by respect for the principles of loyalty, cooperation, transparency, positivity, and tenacity. MEYER ITALY is committed to ensuring that each employee can develop an appropriate level of competence through the provision of appropriate training. 


MEYER ITALY is sensitive to the environment and the responsible management of natural resources, including the prevention of pollution. Reason why it is committed to directing its choices so as to ensure compatibility between business activities and respect for the environment. 

Customer satisfaction

Professionalism, helpfulness, competence and ethical behavior represent the cardinal principles that MEYER ITALY implements in its relations with its Customer, with a view to collaboration, transparency and continuous synergy in order to guarantee maximum satisfaction and trust to business partners. In MEYER ITALY particular attention is paid towards: 

  • Customer loyalty by ensuring products and services adequate to their present expectations and anticipating their future ones, so as to be able to respond to the different market challenges
  • continuity of the relationship at all stages, with particular reference to after-sales activities (installations, technical-managerial assistance, remote control, maintenance, …), aware of the fact that intervention times and prompt response to shorten downtime are a key element of Customer satisfaction
  • products and services that enable lasting business results by investing in increasingly reliable “long life” components, simple and intuitive user interfaces, and interconnections with existing factory systems
  • the development of new products and new markets, encouraging and supporting their action 
  • he search for and selection of highly versatile products
  • an international vision approach 

Health and safety

MEYER ITALY considers it an indispensable objective to introduce all actions aimed at the protection of workers’ health and safety, accident prevention, constant improvement of workplaces by providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses. MEYER ITALY ensures the delivery of machines whose compliance has been verified by adopting a also risk analysis approach, which must always be in favor of safety. 

The fundamental principle is PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. 

certificazione ISO 9001 Meyer Italy Certificación de calidad ISO

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