Our dedication transcends mere product, as we understand that to achieve the best results, it is essential to acquire specialized skills. With our know-how and experience in the field, we offer our customers customized training that prepares them to exploit the full potential of our optical sorters.

Meyer Academy is the benchmark for those who wish to achieve excellence in the use of optical and X-ray sorters.

How can it be useful to you?

With the Meyer Academy, we are committed to providing tailored training courses that meet the specific needs of our customers, helping them improve the efficiency, accuracy and quality of their processes. Investing in Meyer Italy training means investing in success and excellence in the use of optical and X-ray sorters. Our experienced technical trainers will share their knowledge in depth, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the operation and applications of optical or X-ray sorters.

Course types

According to need, you can choose between: intermediate and advanced level.

Intermediate level

(duration 1 day)

  • Focus on technical and operational manual (theory and practice);
  • Introduction to machine mechanics;
  • Practical tests on customer’s product carried out by our technicians;
  • Practical tests on our test product performed by course participants.

Advanced level*

(duration 2 days)

  • Revised concepts at intermediate level;
  • In-depth machine mechanics;
  • Theory and practical tests for self-selection creation.

* The course can only be attended if in possession of intermediate level certification.

The certificate

After successfully completing the customised training on the use of sorters, participants will receive a certificate of competence.

In addition to official recognition of their skills and knowledge acquired during the course, the certificate is the green light for the advanced course where they will acquire skills in the creation of advanced selection programmes.

The Meyer Academy certificate is a badge of excellence; our experienced trainers ensure that each certified student is well prepared to apply their skills in the real world, improving efficiency, accuracy and quality of operations.

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