Meyer offers new sorting solutions for peanuts!

soluzione selezione arachidi sorting solution for peanuts

Peanuts are known all over the world and are a very popular snack, we have several solutions for its sorting.

Over the past 20 years, peanut production and processing has made great progress, and optical sorters have become critical to ensuring food safety and quality.

The 9th China Peanut Elite Summit was held on July 1st, where our infrared sorting solutions for peanuts was officially released, bringing a new breakthrough in the industry’s quality classification.

16 years in the company

As the world’s leading agricultural optical sorter experts, Meyer focused on the peanut processing industry over 16 years ago.
Since the launch of the first sorter made in China, Meyer’s peanut solution has improved dramatically.
Previously it could detect impurities, taking advantage of large differences in color (such as moldy and diseased grains), but today it can easily remove short buds and frozen grains, glass, stones, metal and other impurities.
Every year, we focus on customers’ needs and promote technology and products continuous innovation and upgrade.

Good qualities, good prices, good sales

In recent years, domestic demand has been insufficient, peanut prices have continued to be low, and farmers’ enthusiasm for planting has waned.
Meyer knows that in the highly competitive peanut market, only the highest quality peanuts can make it.
The impurities with similar colors in peanuts, such as peanut stems, stones and kernels, have always been the pain points of peanut selection and are difficult to remove under visible light, which seriously affects the quality of peanuts.
Meyer offers its sorting solution to solve these problems.

Infrared sorting

With infrared technology, you can easily identify and eliminate impurities with similar colors, such as peanut stems, earth blocks and stones, and harmful impurities such as glass, metal and carbon residues.
Due to the differentiated needs of different customer groups, Meyer offers “multi-level” options.

Different vision, different advantages

The 9th China Peanut Elite Summit was held in Linyi, Shandong on July 1st and 2nd.
Meyer first released the infrared peanut sorting solution. The outstanding sorting performance has been well received by customers.
The stand was extremely popular, success was guaranteed!

With my heart for you
Meyer’s core value is “pursuing quality and serving customers”. Meyer will make products seriously and serve with heart, and strive to reach the maximum of existing products, to provide you with “highly reliable and more intelligent” Meyer color sorters.
nuova soluzione smistamento anacardi sorting solutions for peanuts

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