Sorters for polymer and metal recycling

Meyer Italy’s optical sorters for polymer and metal guarantee high precision and quality in sorting materials such as plastic, rubber, copper, aluminum, iron, brass, and glass. For plastic, we have special machines for sorting bottles and other products, including sorting by polymer such as PET, PP, PE, etc. 


Sorting by colour, shape and size with 5400 px full colour rgb cameras for each slide. Suitable for sorting plastic, metal and glass.


UVL technology for the removal of ‘yellowed’ post-wash flakes from clear ones, respecting the AAA-FOOD GRADE


Polymer selection is based on reading the spectral signature of different types of plastics; thanks to this technology we are able to select different types of polymers, such as PET, PE, PP etc.


Equipped with a sliding belt, it is ideal for sorting polymers with gummy components and products of all sizes, from the largest to the smallest such as granules and micro-flakes.


Very compact bottle sorter (7sqm space occupied). Full colour RGB cameras for bottle colour selection and InGaAs cameras for polymer selection.


Double carpet for two selection steps. Selection by colour, shape and size thanks to 5400 px rgb cameras. Ideal for sorting polymers with rubbery components.

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Download sorter catalogue

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Plastic selection test

We have developed an intelligent identification system for plastic sorting, see what’s new!

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