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Meyer Italy plastic recycling solutions.

Meyer Italy is the official distributor of Meyer Corp, a world-leading high-tech company focused on the research and development of technologies and products in the field of optical sorters and intelligent inspection for over 30 years.

Over 45,000 companies around the world have chosen us, we are certainly what you were looking for!

Why choose Meyer?
We believe in innovation and focus on development, investing around 6% of turnover each year in research and development; over 35% of employees work in this sector.
We are a cutting-edge and versatile reality.
Our sorters find an outlet in various sectors: from the processing of agricultural products, to industrial inspection, to health care, to plastic recycling etc.

In recent years, our in-house research and development department has focused on developing solutions for plastic recycling, with the aim of simplifying and optimizing recycling.


Our plastic recycling solutions show excellent performances and are highly recognized in many countries and by world leading companies involved in plastics processing.
Meyer is a pioneer in sorting all forms of PET, including whole bottles, bottle flakes, bottlenecks, bottle waste and caps.

Meyer Italy offers its customers a series of solutions, 24/7 assistance and a willingness to configure a dedicated service package.

soluzioni riciclaggio plastica

By choosing Meyer Italy you choose quality, reliability and guarantee. Our team is ready to assist you in after sales.

Many solutions for plastic sorting.

The solutions created by Meyer use RGB, infrared and UV cameras.

Each type of camera has its own application and advantages:

Why RGB? The RGB camera allows you to select the color.

Why infrared? (InGaAs) The infrared camera selects the polymers.

Why UV? The UV camera can detect aged PET and AAA-PET fluorescent flakes.

The technology on the Meyer sorters

Targeted Positioning

In combination with the ultra HD imaging system, the geometric center point of the material can be precisely blocked by the 3D reconstruction technology to achieve target removal.

Maglev Ejector 2.0

Patented system, initial frequency greater than 1200 times / second; The life span of the ejector can meet the needs of permanent use with regular maintenance.

Ultra HD Imaging System

With Meyer’s new advanced AI image processing technology, 3D reconstruction analysis of color-selected materials reveals any impurities.

Meyer Trasmission system 3.0

Front-wheel drive and anti-offset design effectively improve sorting performance, reduce breakage rate and maintenance cost

Intelligent backup

Key metrics are automatically saved regularly to the cloud and sorting solutions can be changed quickly when dealing with different types of commodities when the recruiter is online

Intelligent self-detection

The detection of key signals and devices and the maintenance reminder ensure that the machine is always at its best when the sorter is online.

Remote Commisioning

Afraid of operating abnormally? Don’t worry, the big screen of the Meyer sorters can connect directly with the after-sales technicians interface. They will help you improve online sorting performance professionally and securely.

Remote control

Intelligent interconnection between people and sorters ensures that the production process can be easily controlled to adjust sorting parameters, obtain raw material and accept data anytime, anywhere.

Multispectral Confocal System

High-precision imaging technology ensures accurate extraction of the characteristic spectra of different polymer materials, greatly improving the accuracy of material identification.

After-sales assistance service: only Meyer Italy can
guarantee continuity to your business

There will be no more interruptions. In addition to assistance, we make sure you find the original spare parts you need. In case we do not have them we will do everything necessary to be able to provide them.

Meyer Italy offers its customers the great experience of its technicians.

A sorter for every need

selezionatrice ottica plastica meyer italy

CG.P Optical sorter

  • Precisely detects and removes all types of heterochromatic and aluminum flakes in plastic flakes;
  • Equipped with stepless adjustment technology that allows you to freely adjust the brightness of the light source and easily identify the micro color difference;
  • The throughput is 3-6 tons / hour, the chute sorting ratio setting is flexible and free, online sorting and remote control are also supported.

CI optical sorter – polymers and color sorting

  • Available both for the selection of polymers and for the selection of colors;
  • Sorting by color difference, detecting and removing non-PET materials from flakes, such as PVC / PS / PC / PA / PP / PE / ABS / rubber / aluminum slice, etc;
  • The maximum image resolution up to 1mm, effectively removing impurities of 2mm and above;
  • The throughput is 3-6 tons / hour, the chute sorting ratio setting is flexible and free, online sorting and remote control are also supported.
selezionatrice ottica plastica ci
soluzione per riciclo plastica Meyer italy KI

KI optical sorter – polymers sorting

  • InGaAs Infrared System provides an excellent flake sorting and purification solution;
  • The maximum image resolution up to 1mm, effectively removing impurities of 2mm and above;
  • Possibility of customized solutions

KL optical sorter

  • Available both for the selection of polymers and for the colors;
  • Precisely detect and remove non-PET bottles from PET bottles, such as PVC / PP / PE, etc;
  • Effectively identifies all kinds of color bottles: blue, milky white, green …;
  • Its throughput reaches 3-6 tons per hour, secondary sorting is supported.
soluzione per riciclaggio plastica Meyer Italy
macchina selezionatrice riciclo plastica

KS optical sorter – plastic color sorting

  • Suitable for the chromatic classification of all types of recycled pellets and granules;
  • Worry-free transmission, stable operation and accurate disposal;
  • The special design of the sorting protection can solve the separation and identification problems in environments with a lot of dust and pollution;
  • Stainless steel body to avoid corrosion from salt, alkali and acid in the material;
  • The integrated double-layer design of the ribbon color selection meets the highest requirements for the purity of finished products.

CI-UV optical sorter

  • Suitable for sorting based on aging and fluorescent flakes;
  • NUVL Nanoscale Identification Technology accurately detects flakes that already have too many recycling processes and fluorescent flakes underway;
  • The minimum identification accuracy is 0.3 mm;
  • With the possibility of adjusting the degree of aging of the selected products.
selezionatrice uv per riciclaggio plastica

With over 45,000 companies around the world who have chosen us, we are what you were looking for!

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