Test center

Our test center is the beating heart of research and development.
Here, engineering comes to life through rigorous testing and in-depth analysis.

We carry out tests to assure our customers, or future customers, that they are investing in the best solutions available on the market.

test center meyer italy

How can it help you?

The objective of our test center is simple but crucial: to put the state-of-the-art technology offered by Meyer Italy to the test directly with your products. You will discover how our optical sorting machines, configured for a wide range of applications, can drastically improve your sorting process.

test center products

Our offer is designed to allow you to test the selection according to your specific needs. You can send the products you would like to test to our Test Centre and, after talking to our experts, customise the selection process to suit your needs.
This is a unique opportunity to see Meyer Italy’s technology in action, evaluate its effectiveness and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

Why choose
our test centers?


Our optical sorting machines are designed to guarantee exceptional precision in product selection, minimising errors.


Optimise your production line with Meyer Italy solutions and discover how you can increase efficiency.


Each product is unique, and we offer highly customisable solutions. You can experiment and adapt the selection process to suit your needs.


Improving product selection means reducing waste and optimising the use of resources.

Where the test centre is located

Via dell'Artigianato, 17, 20865 Usmate Velate MB
Via Fontanelle, 30, 80040 Poggiomarino NA