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Tokyo’s green olympic games!

29 September 2021 green-solutions

Meyer shows you how green the Tokyo Olympic Games are!

The 2020 Olympic Games, with the world’s attention, finally opened in Tokyo, Japan on July 23, after a year of delay from the virus.
In these Tokyo Green Olympics, many Olympic products were made from waste resources and grabbed the attention of the public.

The torch

Made with aluminum waste from temporary shelters for refugees due to the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.
About 30% of the Olympic torch is made up of aluminum waste.

The medals

About 5,000 bronze, silver and gold medals are produced from used cell phones.
In two years, around 6 million used cell phones and nearly 8,000 tons of old electronic devices are collected nationwide.

The bed, the uniforms and the podium

26,000 beds in the Olympic village are made of cardboard and can withstand 200 kilograms.
These beds will be recycled for paper products after the close of the Olympic Games.
Surprisingly, common plastic waste was also recycled to produce torchbearers’ uniforms and victory ceremony podiums.

During the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay, the uniforms worn by the torchbearers are made from used plastic bottles recycled by Coca-Cola.

Tokyo Olympic teamed up with Procter & Gamble to make 3D printed podiums from used household plastic.
The recycled plastic podium will be the first of its kind in Olympic and Paralympic history. In partnership with over 2,000 markets nationwide, the Japanese Olympic organization has collected 45,000 kilograms, about 1.5 million used plastics, including 24.5 tons of recycled plastics were transformed into 98 podiums.


But how are they made?

To make clothes and podiums that are reliable and durable, the key is to select recycled plastic with pure material and the same color.
In the field of recycling of waste plastic bottles, Meyer has pioneered the sorting solution of all shapes in PET.
First he applies visible, infrared and UV light to PET sorting in the industry, accomplishing color grading, material grading and sorting of aging flakes and AAA grade fluorescent PET flakes.

Meyer optical sorters

  • The innovative bottle sorting technology, effectively identifies bottles of different colors, such as blue, green, red, yellow, porcelain white and detects and removes non-PET bottles, such as PVC / PS / PC / PA / PP / PE / ABS;
  • Pioneering UV light selection technology effectively identifies fluorescent flakes and aging flakes that are difficult to recognize by the eye;
  • The polymer sorting technology achieves the separation of over 15 types of non-PET impurities, such as PVC, PS, PC, PA, PP, PE, ABS, PLA, PPSU, TRITAN.

With social responsibility on its shoulders, Meyer strengthens independent innovation for better green development and is committed to realizing the common vision of the renewable resource industry: “making recycling infinite, value eternal“.


Finally, Meyer wishes all athletes to achieve better results in the Tokyo Olympic arena!



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