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Deep learning on Meyer sorters.

16 October 2023 insights

Deep learning on Meyer solutions: this is how it works.


Meyer never misses an opportunity to keep up with the times.

In the last year we have often heard about artificial intelligence and, we are happy to announce that Meyer solutions also have their own deep learning platform!

The deep learning technology used in our solutions tries to imitate how the human brain works. It aggregates data, makes predictions, all with incredible precision.

What is deep learning in detail?

Meyer deep learning, for all intents and purposes, is a sub-category of machine learning. In summary it is a neural network with three or more layers.
The different neural networks serve to imitate the behavior of the human brain. It is thanks to this that the platform will be able to “learn”!
The more data it analyzes, the more data it will learn.

deep learning meyer italy

How is it different from solutions that have a single neural network?

A single neural network will be able to make approximate predictions.
A multi-layer neural network, on the other hand, will make precise and increasingly optimized predictions.

Identifying impurities and defects with deep learning

Impurities or defects that can be identified by the human eye are difficult to define using traditional algorithms.
The deep learning platform of our sorters, however, also solves this problem!

Mayer’s deep learning is based on a large database of samples. It will immediately be possible to calibrate complex details such as:

  • color;
  • form;
  • textures;
  • etc.

This will only be the beginning!
Based on the customer’s needs, our technology will be able to learn by building and iterating (repeating) increasingly precise selection models.

With independent learning you will achieve precise analysis, identification and selection of materials, satisfying the customer’s selection needs.

The 7 steps to take to take advantage of Meyer deep learning in systems:


  1. Equipment: upgrade and/or equip yourself with our deep learning technology;

  2. Data collection: after the first selections, a large number of high definition photos of foreign bodies and defects will be collected, thus creating a database;

  3. Calibration: Meyer’s deep learning platform automatically calibrates the machine based on images of foreign objects and defects;

  4. Solution Generation: The platform is now capable of generating solutions by leveraging the technology embedded in the machines;

  5. Automatic machine learning: the sorter autonomously learns the characteristics of the data, identifying defects;

  6. Verification of results: it will be possible to immediately verify the solutions developed by deep learning to analyze the effects on selection;

  7. Optimization: possibility to support further optimizations for any new needs.

    Some examples of identification:


For any information our team is at your complete disposal.

Those who look to the future choose Meyer!

deep learning selezionatrici ottiche


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