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The Meyer Intelligent Factory one year later

17 December 2021 news-en

A huge red flag, slowly unfolded, symbolized the official operation of the Meyer Intelligent Factory on November 29 last year, with an investment of hundreds of millions of yuan.
After almost a year, it is evident that all the production lines are running smoothly.

Meyer Intelligent Factory, which covers an area of almost 70,000 square meters, works for:

  • the assembly of parts;
  • the final assembly of optical sorters, dental CBCT;
  • the assembly of other main products.

In the first phase, around 20 new automatic, intelligent, unmanned production lines are built for key components such as maglev ejectors and printed circuit boards.
It features a high quality, high efficiency and more environmentally friendly.

The factory aims to change the traditional production model through design engineering, thus improving product reliability, production efficiency and reducing resource consumption.
Provides a forward-looking solution for high-quality industry development.

Meyer Intelligent Factory inglese

With a forward-looking structure, Meyer seizes development opportunities, consolidates competitive advantages and fulfills social responsibilities.

Days ago, Chinese government ministries proposed building, by 2025, a batch of smart manufacturing demonstration factories with high technical levels and the strong effects they can have for various subsectors.

Meanwhile, the State Grain and Reserves Administration has published the action plan for improving grain machinery and equipment.
Thus aiming to improve the level of optical sorters for high quality wheat and oil and promoting the deep integration of technology within the production department for sectors such as cereals.
The goal will therefore be to improve this type of machine more and more.
The internal policy reflects the right foresight of Meyer’s strategic layout and paves the way for its further innovation.

new project Meyer Intelligent Factory
This is what the smart factory will look like (basis for the production of coatings and sheet metal).

For example, the flexible sheet metal bending center in the building’s smart factory will produce sheet metal parts of different specifications, as if it were a “printer”.

Taking the sorting chamber panel as an example, the center takes only 3 seconds to fold a flat plate and the whole process will be finished in just 45 seconds.
But when operated manually, it takes at least 5 minutes to complete by a skilled worker.
So the efficiency is greatly improved and the consistency and reliability of the products are well guaranteed.
In addition, spraying robots and the digital coating management system will be applied in the new intelligent paint shop.
It will increase quality, efficiency and save resources, achieving the state’s goal of peak carbon and carbon neutrality.

Looking back, Meyer is committed to creating value for customers.
Today, in addition to sticking to customer value, Meyer aims to make products more reliable and better production. Tian Ming, president of Meyer, stresses that we must focus on improving key indicators such as “performance and reliability”, maintain technological and process innovation, and strive to achieve consistent quality regardless of a product or 10,000 products.

Meyer color sorter is the stability of operation.
It is difficult to substantially improve product reliability through intelligent manufacturing.
Compared to other industrial equipment, the color sorter involves four aspects of optics, mechanics, electricity and software and more than 1,000 parts. Also, the specifications, structures and attributes of each part are quite different.
So to realize the engineering and automatic manufacturing is difficult.
Due to the lack of precedent to learn from when building intelligent manufacturing initially, Meyer paved the way for a new path through a lot of research.
By platform, standardized and modular design, Meyer increases the common rate of parts from 20% to 70%, and more than 70% of the parts have undergone simplified and automated manufacturing.

pakistan rice factory directory
In praise of Amin Hashwani, executive director of Pakistan Hassan Ali Rice Company

If there cannot be new paths to take, then we choose to improve the path that already exists.

Such determination leads Meyer to overcome numerous intelligence difficulties and gain praise from the industry and warm recognition from customers.
Amin Hashwani, executive director of Pakistan Hassan Ali rice company, praised, “It is actually reaching a very good level in terms of quality and yield. And this machine helps us achieve that. That was one of the reasons we chose. Meyer “.

Meyer is currently among the best in the industry.
To implement the value of “quality first, customer first”, Meyer focuses on three main areas of agricultural product selection, industrial X-ray inspection and high-end medical equipment under the guidance of the strategy medium and long-term development of the company.
Meyer strives to make product performance and reliability ever better, builds a market-oriented innovation system and integrates industry, academia and research.
In the future, Meyer will realize the independent control of technologies and main components, the standardization and modularization of design sources and the intelligentsia, the digitization of manufacturing and production.

meyer intelligent factory celebration


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