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Coffee Sorters

The perfect sorter for your needs

Optical sorter CG.A


  • Color cameras
  • PID position control system
  • Sorting of colors and shapes
  • Sniper system
  • Anti-break system
  • Intelligent dust extraction system
  • Easy to clean

Coffee solutions from Meyer Italy .

Wheat crops consist of plants that produce usable seeds. The role of cereal crops is extremely important for both large-scale and small-scale farms. They are important materials for beverage production and other industrial applications. High quality grains are much more appreciated by the market, therefore more stringent requirements are proposed for our optical sorters.

Meyer, who has worked in depth in color sorting for nearly 30 years, always provides intelligent and professional sorting solutions for customers. From seeds to final products, Meyer’s intelligent sorting solutions play a key role in the entire food production process.

 In recent years, our in-house research and development department has focused on developing solutions for coffee selection.

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Over 20 years of innovation aim to improve efficiency and create value for you with scientific and efficient solutions. Meyer’s intelligent sorting solution has been widely applied to various food production lines, serving over 50,000 customers around the world.

Meyer Italy offers its customers a series of solutions, 24/7 assistance and a willingness to configure a dedicated service package.

By choosing Meyer Italy you choose quality, reliability and guarantee. Our team is ready to assist you in after sales.

Many solutions for sorting coffee .

The solutions created by Meyer use RGB and INFRARED cameras.

Each type of camera has its own application and advantages:

Why RGB? The RGB camera allows you to select the color.

Why to INFRARED? (InGaAs) The infrared camera selects foreign materials (metal, glass, stones, etc.)

The technology on board the Meyer sorters

Lighting system full spectrum

Near the illumination of the lamps they reveal the real color of the material, even subtle shades of color.

Maglev 2.0 ejector

Main patent, sorters key remover; it is a long lasting product.

Intelligent alarm

LED visual alarm panel, abnormal conditions at a glance; self-control, no manual troubleshooting.

Sorting of shapes

It accurately analyzes the information on the morphology of the material, provides the separation of the shell and the core, the elimination of heterochromatic particles, impurities and other sorting schemes.

True Color nano camera

The unique InGaAs quad camera consists of one infrared dirt camera, one infrared material sorting camera and two high-speed true color cameras to maximize image quality and accurately identify good product from impurities .

Operation very simple

Simple interface, worry-free operation; contain a learning package, easy access to extensive learning content.

Imaging Systeml infrared

The infrared NIR system can accurately identify glass, desiccant, plastic and stones.
The InGaAs double infrared system is able to accurately identify impurities such as glass, plastic, stone. Sorting accuracy is self-adjusted without manual intervention.

Targeted removal 3.0

Precisely pinpoints the center point of impurity, speed camera accurately analyzes material speed for targeted removal, color sorting output increased by 20%, shape sorting output increased by 30% .

PID position control

It does not require adjustment of the inputs, but self-monitoring and adjustment to prevent blockages and vacuum situations; add impurity absorption function.

Contactless remote service

Remote commissioning, remote control, intelligent backup, intelligent control.

Intelligent self-learning with one key

Automatically match optimal sorting parameters and light source configuration to ensure stable acceptance quality.

After-sales assistance service: only Meyer Italy can
guarantee continuity to your business

There will be no more interruptions.

In addition to assistance, we make sure you find the original spare parts you need. In case we do not have them we will do everything necessary to be able to provide them.

Meyer Italy offers its customers the great experience of its technicians.

With over 45,000 companies around the world who have chosen us, we are what you were looking for!

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