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When you choose a Meyer-Italy optical sorter, you also choose a team ready to assist you on any occasion...

Meyer Italy to be ever closer to the customer’s needs, is always available for a quick consultation, and a predictive diagnosis, which in most cases completely solves the problem, or puts the customer in a position to be able to work until arrival. of the specialized technician.

Meyer Italy offers its customers a series of proposals, and a willingness to configure a dedicated service package.

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After-sales assistance service: only Meyer Italy can
guarantee continuity to your business

There will be no more interruptions. In addition to after-sales assistance, we make sure you find the original spare parts you need. In case we do not have them we will do everything necessary to be able to provide them.

Meyer Italy offers its customers the great experience of its technicians:


For complete control

By telephone

For a quick consultation

Original spare parts

For guaranteed quality

Request more information

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